How to get started

If you have a signed agreement for Vipps eCommerce, Vipps inApp and/or Vipps Invoice, the next step is to exchange certificates.

If you have not signed an agreement: You can read about Vipps products or sign up for a Vipps product using the button below.

Sign up for Vipps

API Documentation

The Vipps developer documentation (guides, Swagger specifications, Postman collections, etc) is available on GitHub: vippsas:

Vipps for WooCommerce

There is an open source Vipps plugin available for WooCommerce. See the product overview and developer documentation on GitHub.

Vipps for Magento

There is an open source Vipps plugin available for Magento. See the product overview and the developer documentation on GitHub.

Get in touch

Please contact the Vipps integration team for help with any API-related or technical issues related to our services.

Vipps Brand Guidelines

Learn how to use the Vipps brand in your marketing and implementation. The guidelines outline the rules when using the Vipps brand. It works as a toolbox for you to present the Vipps brand in a clear and professional manner.

See the Vipps design guidelines.

Graphical Elements and buttons

The buttons and paymarks has to be set up following the guidelines attached:

Guidelines for Buttons and Paymark

Settlement Reports (Oppgjørsrapport)

Settlement reports in Vipps are available in several formats: OCR, XML, PDF, XLSX and CSV. To integrate with the business' own reconciliation systems, we recommend using the XML reports.

Read more about Vipps Settlements